Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Independence Day 3 Movie

Independence Day 3 MovieThe web is abuzz with the rumor that 20th Century Fox is not only planning Independence Day 2 but also Independence Day 3! And there's even word that Actor Will Smith is locked for both movie sequels to Independence Day. And I hope they do have Will Smith on board, because I really can't imagine any other actor for the lead role.

The same rumor claims that the studios intend to film Independence Day and Independence Day 3 back to back and would release the two films six months or a year apart. This means that they're going to tease us with a damn cliffhanger at the end of Independence Day 2 so we'll be waiting with impatience to watch the movie Independence Day 3.

All of this is just speculation for now, but Director Roland Emmerich did express his interest in directing at least one new sequel. So this rumor about Independence Day 3 isn't that farfetched.

Two obvious plots for those new Independence Day sequels: either a new swarm of aliens come to avenge their lost brothers or a few aliens from the first film mange to survive and reached Earth and threat mankind again... But maybe the scriptwriters will come with something different...

Anyway, I really hope that we'll get to see Independence Day 3 in a not too distant future!